Oil and Gas Image Even More Important in A Down Economy

by Gary Cole, Copywriter, Palmer Creative Group

With oil prices at a 15-year low and the international economy suffering a general malaise, it’s easy to understand why energy companies and associated industries are playing turtle, tucking in their heads and going into survival mode.

However, as any study of economic history teaches us, this too shall end. Oil prices will rebound because of the world’s unrelenting appetite for a finite resource.


And those companies that continue to energetically and creatively market themselves, regain and hold the confidence of their shareholders, continue to elevate their position in the communities they work in, will be the big winners.

The Palmer Creative Group believes in the power of images and words in the face of difficult circumstances.

That’s why Kevin Palmer has continued to strengthen his staff with the addition of Gary Cole, one of the premier names in commercial photography, Nat Silverman, a proven PR professional with a successful track record dating back over two decades, and Gary Hu, an innovative young web designer who constantly seeks better ways to present messages effectively on the internet.

At the top of the group is Kevin Palmer himself, North America’s best, most energetic and creative image creator. Whether it’s unconventional lighting techniques a half mile under the ground, the use of a camera drone flying high over a job site, up close and personal stills of the hard-working people of the energy industry, portraiture of top company executives that communicates competence and confidence, sensitive, insightful and educational photography of the communities and people in the regions in which companies impact—all are areas in which Kevin Palmer’s skill set is unparalleled.

Kevin Palmer recognized that great imagery without a marketing perspective to go with it was a job unfinished. He used the knowledge he has gained while marketing for the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba plus the specific insights he gained while as Vice-President with Abitibi Geophysics to come to the conclusion that image creation and marketing messages need to be conceived and executed in tandem.

The Palmer Creative Group is dedicated to helping companies communicate their mission statement through the internet, marketing materials, press releases, strategically placed articles and, most importantly, effective images that speak a thousand words each.

The business of communicating a message in this fast-paced and ever-changing environment is something Palmer and his staff pride themselves on. While energy companies have the difficult task of satisfying the world’s energy needs in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly fashion, the Palmer Creative Group is there to help communicate that mission in a positive and proactive way.

Gary Cole is the Senior Copywriter with the Palmer Creative Group.  In his many years directing traffic with a major international magazine, Cole has created wealth for those around him and he brings enthusasium, distinct desire to help out – and an incredibly intuitive ability where people are concerned.  For more information on the Palmer Creative Group, call 807 473 3648.  

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